Tootsie Roll Tuesday

And today's Tootsie Roll Tuesday will reflect on some previous Memorial Day PUG Blog Posts and share the results of a Memorial Day Quiz Tootsie Roll took with her crew - Lucille the Yellow Lab, Monkey and Pawncha Kitties!

 A link to the quiz Tootsie and her crew took:

May "24" cause Tootsie Roll would eat 24 hrs a day if it weren't for her fashionista career.  "Remembrance" Day cause Pawncha Kitty is always cryin' at us to remember to pet her with two hands instead of just one!  "Revolutionary" War cause Monkey wants to be sure those dogs take their flea and tick meds so none of those gross bugs jump on her!

"Waterloo", N.Y. cause Lucille and Monkey are always at the water bowl.  "True" because pets are always optimistic!  No answer for #6 cause Tootsie Roll loves every color of the rainbow..."No, don't make me choose!"  

"Noon" cause Lucille says, "It's lunch time somewhere!"  Rep. John "Dingell"  because...well...you know how dogs can be gross and that funny word, "dingleberry"!  Nathan's Hot "Dog" Eating Contest...well that answer coming from some cats and dogs who know how to read and take an online quiz...well it goes without saying why they picked that answer!


You can check how Tootsie's Crew did by clicking the answer link above... although I am not so sure about the line of thought this crew was using:)or by taking the quiz yourself. Regardless have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day 2017!!

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