In Memory Of...

Little Miss Traci sat on N. Winthrop with Tita, Flaca & Dulci.  Along came a Jefe and Maggie and sat down beside her and frightened the kitties away!  But not for long....Two families joined as one and The Fare Dulcinea met the Biggie Miggie!  Tita and Flaca eventually came out from hiding in the basement and we become a happy home and family....Two humans, two dogs, two cats!  Very symmetrical.  A little background on Dulcinea.  She was born in a small town and lived in a small town until we moved from one teaching job to the other.  It was the start of my career and I was on the move.  Dulcinea and I spent eighteen and one half years together.  We helped each other out through house and job moves, divorce, new relationships, and her old age!  Dulcinea, you will always be my Sweet Thing!  Now Maggie, she loved chasing stick and swimming!  She also loved being our protector.  She was a gentle giant - just like her daddy!  And her dark chocolate fur would glimmer as she sat in the sunlit backyard!  TootsUncommon joins you and yours as you remember all those - four and two legged - who are gone, but not forgotten.  Happy Memorial Day! 


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