In Memory of...

Tita and Flaca Kitties!

Tita - standing & Flaca - sitting

Tita, short for Gatita - or little kitty - came from the Humane Society.  I got her because, at the time, I lived in a bigger house and thought my Dulcinea could use a buddy while I was at work during the day.  Tita quickly established herself as a "Queen" and really had little to do with anyone but me!  If a lap was to be sit on, it was mine.  If Tita's soft kitty fur was to be pet, it was by my hand.  If a catnip mouse was to be tossed around, it was with me...you get the picture.  When I moved to my small bungalow house it was time to let Tita roam the neighborhood.  And roam she did!  Tita loved the great outdoors and would rumble with the neighborhood kitties who tried to inch in on her territories.  Tita will be remember forever as the "Queen Bitch". 

Flaca, Spanish for skinny, was named so because when she followed me home one summer night while I was out walking - she was homeless & super skinny.  Flaca spent most of the summer on the cushions of the outdoor deck chairs nibbling on kitty food and trying to decide if she trusted me enough to come in the house.  She finally did!  And Flaca did not stay skinny for long once in the house; she kept me busy filling the food bowl.  Flaca and Tita were casual buddies to the human eye, they wanted us to think they preferred hissing at one another.  I think they cuddled when nobody was watching!  Flaca will be remembered for the beautiful pink tone she had to her chest fur & paws!

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