A Memorial Day...

Remembrance...About seven years back all of our pets were oldies but goodies and they each started to pass away.  It was a sad and sometimes frustrating time and as the saying goes, "What does not kill you, makes you stronger."  It was on a Memorial Day Weekend that my Fair Dulcinea did not come back from our visit to the lake alive.  Old dogs and water do not always mix...that is the easiest way I can put it.  No one was to blame, we were certainly not neglectful of a dog that I had dedicated some 18 years of my life to...it was just an accident or maybe even destiny.  I still struggle with it today, but am okay with how things ended.  Dulcinea was my BFF for a long time and saw me through some of the trials and tribulations that life brings our way.  There is not a day that I don't think of her and smile.  

Me and Dulcinea!


When Traci met Jefe...well, that was the best thing ever.  It was also the first time, as an adult, that I had a big dog as a pet.  And Oh Man, was Maggie an amazing chocolate lab!  She was gentle, calm, protective when she needed to be, loving, obedient, fun, smart...She was just an all around cool dog!  
I was a runner when Maggie first came into my life and I took her with me a few times...she had a goofy phobia of trash cans...if one was on the side of the road during a run we had to stray clear of it!  Evil Trash Cans!  While Dulcinea's old age was very drawn out...Maggie's was a quick one.  I don't know which is better, as if one can be better than the other.  Those events in our lives just teach us how to cope with the bumps along the way.

Dulcinea, Maggie, Tita, and Flaca...Thanks for the memories and life lessons.  On this 2013 Memorial Day - TootsUncommon remembers you!