FOURPlay Thursday

Happy Mother's Day to ALL huMOMs:)

Happy Mother's Day to all the fur moms!

I know many do not agree with this perspective...and that is okay...I do not have human kids because I did not want human kids.  I truly love my pets with all my heart and give them the best care possible.  I would do anything for them and always have their safety in mind.  Giving birth does not a mom completely make.  It is all - the good and the bad - that comes with taking responsibility for another life - human or animal.  

Being a mother doesn't mean being related to someone by blood. It means loving someone unconditionally with your whole heart.


FOURPlay Thursday

Vintage 54 Collective celebrates the Japanese cherry blossom with the artwork of local artist, Carolyn Springer. Please join us
for cocktails and to meet the artist!

Friday, April 27th from 5:30-8:00.

More info on our Facebook Event Page
"Welcome to Vintage 54 Collective!  Will that be cash or charge?"
"I am Princess of Quite A Lot at Vintage 54 Collective"
 "Uff...just resting my head a sec...lots of customers today at Vintage 54!"
"Just me and my buddy Vinnie at the Vintage 54 Collective"


FOURPlay Thursday

Radio stations sometime play four-in-a-row, right?  It gets the listeners into the genre or artist being played by provided some extended listening time.  And we all have music we love to turn up and sing along to and the music we can't turn-off fast enough.  What do those turn up songs say about us?  Glad you asked!  That is just what the FOUR furbies of FOURPlay Thursday were thinking about.  So, they had the huMOM...and only because she have thumbs and can type faster/easier...do a little research and here is what we came up with for our PUG Blog Fans... 

Lucille the Yellow Lab can sometimes be a little lazy and due to her "alpha"tude is probably lacking some self-esteem...But not to worry...she does have a creative side...These traits lean her towards the Indie Rock Scene for which she recommends this tune:

"Thinking of a Place" by The War on Drugs:

Pawncha Kitty is a self-professed introvert who is also very intuitive...relying on her gentle and creative reflections in order to make her music choices...which tend to be of the Heavy Metal type:

"War Pigs" by Black Sabbath

Pop goes the Monkey!  And yes, pop music fans are nervous extraverts...hmm...sound like anyone you know, Monkey?  And one of the top Pop songs of all times is what Monkey is spinning for you right now:)

"Don't Speak" by No Doubt

And Tootsie Roll's outgoing, following her own heart, all emotions up front kind-of-personality make her an R & B fan:)  She thought the sexy voices in this pick matched her cute little pug-head-tilt quite well...enjoy!  

"Waterfalls" by TLC


FOURplay Thursday

Four pets, two humans and an 800 square foot bungalow...and it works for us:)  

 Pawncha Kitty & Monkey Cat

Lucille Lab & Tootsie Roll Pug

And what about the number 4?  It's the number of a square, symbolizing a strong foundation.  There are four cardinal points - North, South, East & West.  Four winds, seasons & phases of the moon.  The four leaves of a lucky clover which symbolize hope, faith love & luck.  In Western thought there are the four elements of earth, air, fire & water.  

In Pythagorean philosophy number 4 is the Tetrad and is considered a perfect number and one that represent the four parts to the soul - mind, opinion, science & sense.

In astrology Cancer is the 4th astrological sign and is a lucky number for Leos and Scorpios.

In Asian cultures a fear of the number 4, called tetraphobia, is common...No floor 4 in buildings;)

A quatrain is a poem or stanza made up of four lines...

The Final Four
Monkey is cat, not a primate.
Pawncha is a kitty, not a shawl.
Lucille is a lab, not a guitar.
Tootsie Roll is a pug, not a candy.
Author:  The HuMOM


FOURplay Thursday

Moody Monkey Mondays and Tootsie Roll Tuesdays are hence forth rollin' into FOURplay Thursday!  It is a busy time of year for the huMOM so consolidation is a necessity.  

As humans we have probably stopped thinking about gettin' around on two versus four....But it is something to ponder.  I have been using the 8 Fit app for my weekly workouts and a lot of the exercises are done on all fours - the bear crawl, plank, bird dog, mountain climbers....and all build up your core strength.  So, imagine the core strength of all our four legged friends:)  

High School English classes will also bring back memories of "Animal Farm", right?!  Way too much political commentary for this innocent PUG Blog...but superficially fun to reflect upon...  

Image result for four vs. two legs

I know I cannot speak for Tootsie Roll but I am pretty confident she would not agree with this pug:)

Image result for animal farm quotes on four legs

Image result for four vs. two legs
Well....four pant legs does require more material and I am not sure how the waist would stay up....two pant legs requires a hole for the tail....You decide:)

Image result for animal farm quotes on four legs