Tipsy Tootsie Tuesday

Dog or no dog...people can pick up on the message behind a dog's bark...can you?  Take this interactive quiz to test your barkability:)  

As for Tootsie Roll...she's a snorer....not a barker:)


Moody Monkey Monday

Last week Monkey got a laugh at Pawncha who thought Alexa was a new kitty in the house.  Now what the huMOM found interesting was the variety of ways that Alexa can meow...Click on the link and watch a cute video of different kitties meowing:  https://www.thespruce.com/cat-talk-meowing-554066 ...and read the article for some insight on how to interpret different meows.  

Forget the meow....I'm just gonna purrrrr:)


Alexa, Bark @ Tipsy Tootsie Tuesday

And of course, Alexa can also bark!  Tootsie Roll, too...but not Lucille the Yellow Lab...way too smart for that silly trick:)

Monkey and Tootsie would love to hear your Alexa stories....please share in the comments section!!


Alexa, Meow @ Moody Monkey Monday

Yep, Alexa does Meow and so does Pawncha Kitty in return...but not Monkey Kitty...she is way too cool to fall for that old trick:)  Hmmm and what may have caused Alexa to loose her connection?  Monkey tricks no doubt!!


Why Clothes Matter @ Tipsy Tootsie Tuesday

Contrary to popular belief, I LUV to swim...  Clothes provide us a way of correctioning assumptions people may have about us.  My fashionable pink life jacket not only looks good; it keeps my over-sized pug head above water.  Assembling a wardrobe is a serious & meaningful exercise and the clothes that make it up keep me happy!  Learn more about Why Clothes Matter by viewing this School of Life YouTube and then be sure to add to your wardrobe by visiting:  www.tootsuncommon.com