PAWZ Down @ Tipsy Tootsie Tuesday

Tender Foot Tootsie Roll received some Pawz dog booties from her huMAN last Christmas and MAN...what a game changer for walks during the cold Midwest winters!  Pre-Pawz and winter walks Tootsie Roll would walk slowly, hold up a paw and give you a super sad look and then finally sit on her rump and refuse to walk.  Post-Pawz and winter walks Tootsie Roll is leading the pack and drift-busting:)  Just a few tips for Pawz Down Success when pulling out the booties for the first time....

1.Be patient as you put the booties on...it can be done with one person...but two makes it easier on both the humans and the dogs.  It helps if you stretch them out like you would a balloon.

2.Praise your fur-buddy as each bootie is in place & let him or her walk around the house in them before the first adventure in the booties outdoors.

3.After the walk, don't just yank and pull the booties off, roll them down the paw and slide them off; laying them flat to dry for the next outdoor adventure.

Yep, Pawz bootie trial run back in 2016

Pfft...can't we keep walkin' & snap a pic later...btw...these are the same pair of booties from 2016

LUV my Pawz "Ja"Booties, Peeps!!  & the rest of the pack is waiting for 20?? 

Click on the link to win a free pair of Pawz:



Copy That @ Moody Monkey Monday

The New Year has brought frigid temperatures, sleet, ice & snow to the Midwest and Monkey Kitty is none to happy about it...I mean, how is a kitty supposed to keep warm when the huMOM won't raise the thermostat above 65 degrees?!  

Monkey thoughts..."Alright the minute that air stops blowing out of those holes in the floor that black thing is really warm so I am going to crouch on top of that to get some warmth for myself...Excuse me, Pawncha...I was brainstorming...not having a conversation with you...quit being such a Copy Cat and figure out your own way to stay warm ;("


PUGcraft @ Tipsy Tootsie Tuesday

Tootsie Roll had been brewing up some new merchandise tags for all of the Uncommonly Unique Pet Attire & Accessories from www.tootsuncommon.com

Follow these easy steps to create unique tags or coloring page art of your own!
1.  Select a design

 2.  Trace and/or color

3.  Crumple up the design or coloring book page

4.  Carefully uncrumple your design or coloring book page and rub down with olive oil

5.  Proudly design your PUGcraft with it Old-World Style:)


CATtitude @ Moody Monkey Monday

Tootsie Roll thinks she's got just enough CATtitude to pull off a weekly PUG BLOG post so here we go!  

Monkey:  "This human view on life is total bunk!"

"Lap, lap, gulp"

"Om nom nom!"

Monkey:  "Now we're talkin'!"


Hol-ee Roller @ Tipsy Tootsie Tuesday

Happy 2018 from TootsUncommon!  And the New Year is going to bring a new format to the PUG BLOG!  Tuesdays will feature "Tipsy Tootsie".  You all know and love the PUG Fashionista and she has been busy storing up some tips of the trade that she would like to share with all of her PUG BLOG fans to get this New Year off on the right PAW!!  

Mondays will bring a new feature titled, "Moody Monkey Monday" and will spotlight Monkey Kitty's Musing on life from a Cat's Eye...Tootsie Roll thought it was high time another FURman in the household earned its keep:)

Without further ado TootsUncommon brings you Tipsy Tootsie Tuesday for Tuesday, January 2, 2018...

1.  Buy some Hol-ee Roller dog toys
2.  Cut an old t-shirt into strips

3.  Make sure you have appropriate supervision when using scissors

4.  Get out some yummy dog treats; which may or may not need kitty approval

5.  Roll treats into some of the t-shirt strips and stuff all strips into the Hol-ee roller

6.  Give the, "sit, down, stay" command...

7.  Followed by, "free girl" & let the fun commence:)