Tootsie Roll Tuesday 2020-20

Tootsie Roll has seen lots of new puppies walking in her neighborhood so she figured a quick reminder about the different TootsUncommon bedding options would be a great idea...such a smart little pug:)

  • The Pug Pillow Top

Step right up, step right up, step right up, folks! Everyone’s a winner, naps galore! That’s right, you too can be the proud owner of the Pug Pillow Top! Round Ones, Squares Ones! The softest fleece and the cutest patterns! TootsUncommon has them all! Step right up to the greatest sleep on earth!
We have a variety of colors and sizes - rounds are 32" and 24" and the others fit a standard or king pillow -in this comfy pet bed cover so contact us with your specific needs!

  • The Pak-N-Nap

The Pak-N-Nap...A travel dog bed that folds up into an easy-to-carry product with sturdy nylon handles and a pocket! One side cuddly fleece and the other repurposed comforters! Two sizes: 30x20 and 40x30!

  • The EquiPAWje

You put your right paw in, you take your back paw out, you put your left paw in and you dig it all about! You do the EquiPAWje and you turn yourself about! That's what a dog bed's about! Made from re-purposed luggage. The re-purposed luggage has been cleaned and decorated and decoupaged with vintage luggage labels. One of the beds fits a standard size pillow case and the other a king. The luggage has four legs to help raise it off the floor a bit and provide additional stability.


Tootsie Roll Tuesday 2020-19

Not sure about the weather in your part of the world, but in Tootsie Roll's little world it has been nothing but rain....damp, dreary, cold days! But not to fear, TootsUncommon has just the thing to cheer things up and to add a little pep in your rainy day step...the MAC Raincoat!

"Professor of clothing design Hairy Canine makes a bet that he can teach a half-breed Cocker Spaniel to design a jacket made with a waterproof fabric invented by Mr. Charles Macintosh in Glasgow in 1823. Not only does Hairy Canine loose the bet; but the half-breed Cocker Spaniel designs a raincoat smart enough to wear in the city. Her design achieves such popularity with the inventor of the waterproof fabric that today Mr Mackintosh’s surname is often used as a generic term for any raincoat, although those by the Mackintosh label are the true originals. TootsUncommon has been given the proud distinction of carrying on the Mackintosh label for canines which has "Pugmalion" falling in love with rubberized cloth and Lucille Dolabrador singing, "The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly on the Plain"! Purchase a MAC from TootsUncommon and you and your canine will undoubtedly love just walkin' and singin' in the rain!! " Available in the same sizes as our Wrapamacallit! We have new colors from repurposed human raincoats, message us and Toots and I will send you some pics:) Please send me the measurements of your dog from neck to tip of tail, collar and chest and Toots and I will let you know if we have one available to fit your pup:)


Tootsie Roll Tuesday 2020-18

Who doesn't love a PBJ?  Two sweet ingredients between two slices of yummy bread...you can't go wrong with this perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack food.  Nor can you beat PBJ - Paw Butter Joy - six holistic ingredients made in small batches, sealed in a cute little tin and sent right to your door.  As you open the tin a soothing aroma of lavender fills the room.  "Tootsie Roll, come!  Good girl!  Sit!  Down!  Now let's see those paws.  Oh yes, nice to meet you!"  And from your fingers to their paws the magic of PBJ happens.  Soothing shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E penetrate the rough paw pads and beeswax seals it in; while the lavender scent calms the soul!  PBJ!  PAWsitive Vibes for all!


Tootsie Roll Tuesday 2020-17

TootsUncommon.com is now available on Facebook Marketplace!

Search "Pet Supplies" and look for the TootsUncommon logo
to find
Uncommonly Unique Pet Attire & Accessories from TootsUncommon…
Creating a Cuter Continent One Canine at a Time!

You can follow TootsUncommon and Tootsie Roll in the following locations:

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Shop small and local for TootsUncommon Attire & Accessories at Vintage 54 Collective – 5335 Winthrop Ave – right beside Liter House & Half Liter!


Tootsie Roll Tuesday 2020-16

Tootsie Roll and I hope this blog post finds all our readers safe and healthy!  A big thanks for those participating in our donation campaign...you can read more at https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/me/pattern/blog/786180843338 and the entry titled, "Tootsie Roll Tuesday 2020-13".  

With May on the horizon Tootsie Roll suggested we hi-lite our line of collars and leashed...she is oh so smart:). Enjoy!