Tootsie Roll Tuesday

Read the linked article for 6 ways to show value to your customer...and read today's blog for Tootsie Roll's interpretation of the 6 ways:)

TootsUncommon had a great time this Saturday 
at the Vintage 54 Collective Outdoor Market!  And
on this Tootsie Roll Tuesday we would like to discuss
value vs. price.  You see...we did not sell any of our
raised dog beds and of course some skeptics in the
LLC think the price tag on the EquiPAWjes was too
high:(  Tootsie "begs" to differ.  We will find the right
costumer for an EquiPAWje who will see the benefits
for his or her dog in purchasing the EquiPAWje and the
investment they are making in the asthetic beauty of
their home:)  

Maybe we did not make a lot of sales on Saturday...
but we made a lot of contacts and handed out a lot
of business cards.  Now where we fell short was getting
contact information on the folks who took our business cards...
And even though most of them were huge PUG fans...I am
not so sure they would have given me their contact info...
It was not the right venue for that.

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Tootsie Roll and I did not miss a chance to show off 
how the Fire Cracker swirls around a dog's body or
how it can double as a bikini in the summer:)  And Tootsie
did not turn away one single pet from the customers who 
visited our booth.
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With fall approaching we were sure to have on
hand lots of new Little Pug Playin' Hoods which are 
PURRfect for chilly fall walks!

This PUG blog and our J.Peterman styled product
descriptors educate future customers on our
Uncommonly Unique Pet Attire & Accessories!

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And of course, we are always expressing our gratitute
to our seamstresses and LLC support staff:)

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