Giving Thanks in the Month of November

November 10, Day of Gratitude: "What taste are you grateful for today?"  That depends on which definition of taste we want to use....sweet vs. sour or good vs. bad.  We are going to go with good taste vs. bad taste and dog fashion and of course we have a very strong opinion that any dog who dresses him or herself in TootsUncommon attire and accessories demonstrates incredibly good taste in fashion.  

We are grateful for good taste in dog fashion and here are some of our prototypes and beginning moments for www.tootsuncommon.com  Creating a cuter continent one canine at a time!

Tut the Turtle

Tug the Pug Playin' Toy

The Wrapamacallit that started it all!

La Costa del Sol Dress

L. Pawncho Camarillo

Custom Holiday Gift Wrap

The Talk Dirty to Me Towel!
Tut the Tank!

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