Back Home Again in Bremen, Indiana!

B, B, Bre.  M, M ,Men.  Bre.  Men.  Bremen!  Bremen!  Bremen!  While my parents - Rick and Karen - are away on an Alaskan Cruise, Tootsie Roll and I are back home again in Bremen, Indiana house and beagle sitting!  This of course gave Tootsie Roll and I cause to dedicate this week's Pug Blog to "The Mint City"...Bremen, "A Good Town"..."Visit Our Library"!  

Anchoring the center of town is a 101 foot tall national landmark. In 1975, the American Water Works Association dedicated the town's original water tower, commonly known as the "standpipe", as an American Historic Water Landmark. Erected in 1882, the standpipe had a capacity of 30,000 gallons and remained in service until 1955. 
We link our community to the world; past, present and future.This is the mission of the Bremen Public Library, and it is accomplished daily.  You can see the library from my parent's front porch and during business hours there is a steady stream of traffic in and out of the library.  My mom's two closest girlfriends both retired from successful careers at the Bremen Public Library!
The Wm. Leman Mint company was founded by William Leman Sr. in Bremen, Indiana. The company produced the individually wrapped football shaped Leman's Mints until 2003, when the company closed and production of the mints was taken over by the Peerless Candy corporation, which closed in 2007. The mints are now being produced by the Atkinson Candy Company of Lufkin, Texas.
For the second year in a row, both Bremen High School
and Bremen Elementary-Middle School have earned a grade of “A”
from the Indiana Department of Education.

*fyi...Tootsie Roll and I took all off the pictures on our walks...except for the mints...that one is compliments of google images!

In the past 32 hours Tootsie Roll and I have pretty much walked down the Memory Lane of Bremen, Indiana and will share all of our awesome hi-lights throughout this week of Pug Blogs.  If you just can't wait check out the town's website...it's really good:  

Tomorrow's Bremen Pug Blog will focus on Dr. Otis R. Bowen.  It is sure to please; just like a refreshing Leman's mint or a trip to Bremen's Public Library ;)

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