FOURplay Thursday

Four pets, two humans and an 800 square foot bungalow...and it works for us:)  

 Pawncha Kitty & Monkey Cat

Lucille Lab & Tootsie Roll Pug

And what about the number 4?  It's the number of a square, symbolizing a strong foundation.  There are four cardinal points - North, South, East & West.  Four winds, seasons & phases of the moon.  The four leaves of a lucky clover which symbolize hope, faith love & luck.  In Western thought there are the four elements of earth, air, fire & water.  

In Pythagorean philosophy number 4 is the Tetrad and is considered a perfect number and one that represent the four parts to the soul - mind, opinion, science & sense.

In astrology Cancer is the 4th astrological sign and is a lucky number for Leos and Scorpios.

In Asian cultures a fear of the number 4, called tetraphobia, is common...No floor 4 in buildings;)

A quatrain is a poem or stanza made up of four lines...

The Final Four
Monkey is cat, not a primate.
Pawncha is a kitty, not a shawl.
Lucille is a lab, not a guitar.
Tootsie Roll is a pug, not a candy.
Author:  The HuMOM

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