Vintage 54 Collective @ Moody Monkey Monday

If you have not hear....TootsUncommon now has a storefront presence!  Visit us for Totally Uncommon Unique Pet Attire and Accessories with a Vintage Flare at: https://www.vintage54collective.com/  Monkey approved Cat Wine and Jerky Chips available on the spot!  Don't want to shop online and wait for the goodness.  Visit us at The Vintage 54 Collective!  

Cheeky Chicken Jerky Chips for Cats!  
"Cheeky Chicken Jerky Chips are crafted in small batches and contain fresh 100% breast meat, and carefully formulated and infused with our signature blend of vitamins and minerals for an added nutritional boost to your dog’s diet for a longer and healthy life!"

"Purrgundy and Meowsling:  Purrr-fectly formulated for cats of all ages. Non-Alcoholic, catnip infused and enriched with salmon oil. This feline treat won't only make your kitty silly but is a healthy treat that will keep their skin healthy and coat shiny! Salmon oil is packed with Omega3's!"

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