Un"PUGGED" @ Tootsie Roll Tuesday

Un"PUGGED"...I'm lookin' at YOU...forget the screen!

I bet there are more than 18 things about Tootsie Roll I have missed by paying way too much attention to the phone screen and not being present.  Yes, there is a time and place for technology...but we all must unPUG more than not and PUG in to the things that matter - that which is in our physical presence right now.  It is proven that the mind has to stop...in order to actually be more creative...

Not that I need them...but I do like the recommendation in the link that follows about talking to your pets while you are doing those chores when you get home from work....I talk up a storm to Tootsie, Lucille, Monkey and Pawncha...so much they may be thinking, "Does that hu"MOM" ever shut up?"  But remember, they have been home in the quiet all day long and the conversation is some interaction while you are getting the bed made, dinner around, etc...Just be sure to do it without music in your ears...unPUGGED!  Let's do this!

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