Lookin' for Somethin' Yummy @ Tootsie Roll Tuesday

I am lookin' forward to the next time I get to go to work with the hu"MOM"!  With our TootsUncommon wares for sale at the Vintage 54 Collective I now get to join my hu"MOM" at work...it's a hard life...but somePUGS gotta do it:)  Now if only I can find a way to lock her in the bathroom at the shop so I can gobble up all the Cheeky Chicken and sip on a Bark Brew...complements of the house...of course:)

"Bark Brew:  Now serving beer for the pups! In 3 great flavors; Chicken Ale, Beef Ale"
"Cheeky Chicken Jerky Chips are crafted in small batches and contain fresh 100% breast meat, and carefully formulated and infused with our signature blend of vitamins and minerals for an added nutritional boost to your dog’s diet for a longer and healthy life!"


  1. Very cute pupper! We love the Pawncho too!

    1. Thanks! She is quite possible the cutest pug ever:)

  2. I think Tootsie is wondering why those treats aren't open for her to snack on.