It's Monkey's World @ Moody Monkey Monday

It's Monkey's World & You Are NOT Sittin' In It!

Sure, Monkey knows how the real saying goes...but do you think she cares?!  This seat became her seat the other day as soon as the hu"MAN" vacated it to grab something from the kitchen and she had no intentions of giving it up:)  It is all about CATtitude and cat owners love it...okay, so maybe I should speak for myself.  Let's face it...you do not always know what to expect from a cat and that keeps us humans on our toes.  For example...Monkey loves her Temptation treats and will jump up on the dining room buffet to get one every time the dogs eat.  But if a strange hand puts those treats she so loves on the buffet...forget about it...the alien scent overrides her Temptation infatuation:)  

Monkey thought you would enjoy the 17 Buzzfeed CATtitude reasons:)

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