Hol-ee Roller @ Tipsy Tootsie Tuesday

Happy 2018 from TootsUncommon!  And the New Year is going to bring a new format to the PUG BLOG!  Tuesdays will feature "Tipsy Tootsie".  You all know and love the PUG Fashionista and she has been busy storing up some tips of the trade that she would like to share with all of her PUG BLOG fans to get this New Year off on the right PAW!!  

Mondays will bring a new feature titled, "Moody Monkey Monday" and will spotlight Monkey Kitty's Musing on life from a Cat's Eye...Tootsie Roll thought it was high time another FURman in the household earned its keep:)

Without further ado TootsUncommon brings you Tipsy Tootsie Tuesday for Tuesday, January 2, 2018...

1.  Buy some Hol-ee Roller dog toys
2.  Cut an old t-shirt into strips

3.  Make sure you have appropriate supervision when using scissors

4.  Get out some yummy dog treats; which may or may not need kitty approval

5.  Roll treats into some of the t-shirt strips and stuff all strips into the Hol-ee roller

6.  Give the, "sit, down, stay" command...

7.  Followed by, "free girl" & let the fun commence:)

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