Languorous Monkey @ Moody Monkey Monday

Monkey Thoughts:  "Who is this Susan and why is she so lazy?  I mean, really!  Has she never hear of Languorous Monkey?!"

"...it may have become popular at a time when household servants were in declining supply. In the absence of maids or footmen to refill wine goblets and deliver condiments, diners were forced to reach across the table or interrupt conversation with "pass the pimientos please."

Monkey Thoughts:  "Pass the pimentos?  How 'bout just leave me along and let me cat nap?!"
“Thomas Jefferson invented the lazy Susan in the 18th century, though they were referred to as dumbwaiters at that time. It is said that Jefferson invented the lazy Susan because his daughter complained she was always served last at the table and, as a result, never found herself full when leaving the table.Nov 4, 2013...

 Monkey Thoughts:  "Good thing this Susan Jefferson isn't here right now...she'd probably be hungry enough to eat a cat:)!"

"Sixty years agoChinese food got a makeover. Its new look—in American restaurants, at least—revolved around a single piece of furniture, the “Lazy Susan” rotating table. Through the 1950s, many Chinatown restaurants had a reputation for being dingy and cramped, but the introduction of lazy susan tables was the key element in a transformation toward refined and spacious restaurants."
Monkey Thoughts:  "Chinese restaurants?  I'm outta here...."

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