Tootsie Roll Tuesday

Tootsie Roll the Pug and Lucille the Yellow Lab spent this Tootsie Roll Tuesday at Good Dog Hotel & Spa ( http://www.gooddoghotel.com/services/professional-grooming/)for a Shed-Ex shampooing and grooming; and don't they look marvelous!

This huMOM is pretty good at routinely providing these fur buddies with what they need....
 ....Actually, these are MUSTS, right?!  Okay so I am also really good at providing them...
     -daily walks
     -daily play, training, stimulation
     -daily love and companionship
...Yes!  The TootsUncommon house is really good at consistency on those things...but we fall short on the routine brushing:(  I have tried to make it a routine and want to because Toots and Lucy really enjoy getting brushed...but it is the one other thing on the list that tends to get left out.  After today's shed-ex baths and grooming a vow to make brushing Tootsie Roll and Lucille a part of every-other-day.  Yes, the challenge is on!  I am also going to give the Shed-X Nutritional Supplement a try.  The reviews on Amazon ( https://smile.amazon.com/)are great and Amazon and Chewy have the best prices...$11.99 for a 32 oz bottle.  In 3-4 weeks, and of course on a Tootsie Roll Tuesday, we will let you know how these new "Dog"tines are working!  

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