Tootsie Roll Tuesday

And we've got the back-to-school blues:(.  All last week Tootsie Roll came to school with me to help with all of the preparations...rearranging furniture, making copies, creating displays!  She loved all the attention from the relaxed teachers, administrators and custodial staff checking things off of their to-do-lists as well!  And, Tootsie Roll even has a special chair, water dish and treat stash in my department chair office...we were loving the time together!  And trust me, Tootsie Roll knows when we are approaching school...she starts to make crazy pug noises and when we get out of the truck she runs us to the door...if only the kids would be as excited for tomorrow's first day!  

This week has meant 5:00 alarms for the hu"mom" and Tootsie Roll hangin' at home all snuggled in on her "Pug-Pillow-Top"...But as comfy as she might be there is still a part of her that has to adjust to me being gone for the day again. So Tootsie wants to remind you that if your back-to-school bound...teachers, kids, etc...at home...then be mindful of creating a little extra playtime when you do walk through those doors.  And teachers and students may be dog tired those first couple of weeks but an afternoon or evening walk with the family pet is a must to help ward of some of the boredom while the humans are at school the next day!  Start the routine early and before you know it summer break will be back again:)

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