Tootsie Roll Tuesday

Here's Tootsie Roll Tuesday!

So, a pug walks into the bar...
The bartender says...

"Whoa by the looks of that mug you are cut off, buddy!"

See what we did there?!  Yep, just cause the PUG MUG is smushed-in doesn't mean they have to be cut off from all summer outdoor activities; we all need some fresh air...even if our lack of a "normal" nose makes it a bit difficult to breath easily in hotter temps!  You just have to adjust a bit...take an early morning walk or Tootsie's Favorite...a walk in the dark!  Or, try several short walks throughout the day instead of that one long walk...  Keep moving this summer!  Enjoy!  Tootsie Roll recommends a hike at Turkey Run State Park...the creek beds are the "purr"fect cool-down spot!  

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