Tootsie Roll Tuesday

Yeah!  It"s Tootsie Roll Tuesday and we would like to introduce you to some people we recently met:  www.chowpantry.org

These folks do some amazing work out of that chow truck by making announced stops at churches, coordinating with their food pantry dates, to provide meals to pets with owners who are a bit down on their luck; you should see Tootsie Roll's curly pug tail twitching with joy right now:)  The Chow Pantry is right on when they say a top reason owners surrender pets is due to food costs.  The links we have provided list "cost" in the top five causes of surrendering a pet...




Tootsie Roll knows she has it good in the grub department but also figured there might be some other options out their for folks who do not have access to the Chow Pantry.  One thing that stood out in what we read is that cheaper food is not always the easiest answer for a pet owner on a strict budget.  This cost cutting measure can often lead to health issues which defeats the purpose:( 

 Also, feeding pets healthy food on a budget can take some extra time and effort and this can add stress to an already stressful situation.  One thought is to consider a "raw" diet for your pet which can be inexpensive and taken care of while doing the regular grocery shopping.  This type of diet does take some adjustments for cats and dogs but has lots of potential for a healthy/low-budget diet for cats and dogs.  Here are some good reads:






There are many organizations that offer pet food assistance to owners with pets in need...but all rely on volunteers and/or donations.  So, on this Tootsie Roll Tuesday Tootsie Roll and I encourage you to give to www.chowpantry.org or to an organization of your choice.  Thanks!!

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