Tootsie Roll Tuesday

It's just another Tootsie Roll Tuesday!  And we are ready to "Walk for a Dog" with WoofTrax!   http://www.wooftrax.com/  Download the app on your smartphone and get walkin'...The app trax your time/miles and allows you to select an animal shelter to support as  you and your walkin' dog rack up miles/points that equal monetary donations to your shelter pick and possible prizes to you and your pet! Spring is on its way and with daylight savings time there is an extra hour of light in the afternoon/evening for a walk as well!  

"I thought you said Spring was on its way!  Why do I have the Pawz boots, lady?"

Actually, these Pawz waterproof, reusable boots are great!  They stay on and last for many wears and Tootsie Roll does not even notice they are on her paws...she only knows they are warm and dry!  And, if you shop smile.amazon.com a portion of sales will go to Kentuckiana Pug Rescue!!

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