Tootsie Roll Tuesday

And believe it or not, it's just another Tootsie Roll Tuesday!  Tootsie Roll's To-Do-List has been jammed packed and her curly tail has been wound tight!  All the more reason to remind everyone to stop and smell the flowers!  Be it a "PUG"nolia, a daff"PUG"dil, or a "PUG"onia....you get the picture.  We need to slow the pace down and loosen up that curl on all of our tails~  The flowers Tootsie is smelling came from a picture taken on April 19, 2016...but the weather in Tootsie Roll's Hood has been unseasonably warm and those little posies are already starting to bloom on this Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Loosen up those tightly wound tails people and stop and smell the daff"PUG"dils!  

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