Tootsie Roll Tuesday

Tootsie Roll's Tuesday is also a Two "Fur" Tuesday as she came across a cute pic of her "fur"buddy IdaMae and the two of them hangin' out!  It also happens that IdaMae is a two "fur"...a schnoodle to be exact!  Yep, a schnauzer and poodle combo!  And for those of us lucky enough to have had a three day weekend in honor of President's Day this particular Tuesday is also like a two "fur"...It's Monday and Tuesday all rolled into one.  Maybe Piglet and Pooh put it best,

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Tootsie Roll & IdaMae...Two Dogs in a Bed!

 IdaMae is modeling a hand-knitted Gryffindor scarf...one of many that will be at the Hairy Pawter Party coming up at Karen's Bark Park in Bremen, Indiana!

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