Tootsie Roll Tuesdays

Tootsie Roll and I worked up the first set up lyrics to add to the "Tootsie Roll Tuesday" chorus!

Pug o'clock already
After chasin' squirrels in a dream
I was kissin' Doug the Pug
By a pizza palace, oh the cheese
Gotta keep my date with
TootsUncommon cause it just won't wait
Crazy pug days
For a fashionista with dog clothes to make

It's just another Tootsie Roll Tuesday
I wish it was PUGday
Wait that's everyday
My I'm a super PUGday
It's just another Tootsie Roll Tuesday

You Lookin' At Me?  

This is Tootsie Roll as a one year old!  Look at those beautiful "eyeliner" marks around her eyes and the sweet little "dimple"!  Oh, and that little pink tongue hangin' out as she gnaws on a twig.  LUV A PUG!!

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