Giving Thanks in the Month of November

November 30, Day of Gratitude:  "What talent or skill do you have that you are grateful for?"  Hmmm...I wonder what the difference between talent and skill is?  What about ability from November 13? (Which I copied at the end of this PUG BLOG for your reference) 

"It is your natural ability which is inborn. Skill is a learnt ability. It is acquired or developed after you put in a lot of time and hard work. The difference between talent and skill is hardwork."

Key Differences Between Talent and Skill

There are a few differences between talent and skill which is explained in the given below points:
  1. The term talent refers to an inborn and the special ability of a person to do something. A skill is an expertise, which is acquired by the person by learning.
  2. Talent is God gifted ability, whereas Skill is an ability in which you put your time and efforts to develop.
  3. Talent is often possessed by a limited number of people. On the other hand, any person can learn a particular skill, if he has the capacity, capability and willingness.
  4. Talent is hidden, that is why it needs recognition. As opposed to Skill, requires development, which can only be possible through practice.
  5. Coaching may prove helpful in getting the best out of someone i.e. talent. Conversely, training is necessary for acquiring a skill, to put your best into something useful.

Read more: http://keydifferences.com/difference-between-talent-and-skill.html#ixzz4RWN7001a

So, given all of this good information I am not sure my answer on November 13 is accurate because yoga...which is the ability I was grateful for on the 13th is actually a learnt ability which is the equivalent of a skill...So for our last "official" Day of Gratitude I am grateful for my talent of Tootsie Roll training! And Tootsie Roll and I a very grateful to all of you PUG BLOG fans for checking us out the past 30 days!  They have provided us some deep reflection which has been really good for us!  We hope you had a chance or two to reflect on some things for which you are grateful as well!  So, tomorrow begins December...Are we grateful for that??   

November 13, Day of Gratitude: "What ability are you grateful for?"  I am grateful for my ability to do yoga.  Yoga has been a part of my life for 21 years and it makes me better at all the other abilities I have!  I do yoga in some way everyday and truly embrace those moments of each day!


Here is a link to my yoga Pinterest board:  

Yoga, Puga, Doga!

As we promised...here are some pics of me and the pug doin' some DOGA!

Easy Pose :)

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