Giving Thanks in the Month of November

November 28, Day of Gratitude: "What small thing that happened today are you grateful for?"  The day is not over so we may be premature in our answer but here we go...

Today was back to school/teaching after a week off for Thanksgiving Break which also meant the usual 5:00 am alarm...sigh and moan😞!  I never hit the snooze but instead do about 10 minutes of yoga/stretching every morning in the room adjacent the bedroom while Lucille the Yellow Lab looks on.  After a quick gettin' ready I head back to the bedroom and HUG the PUG to wake her up...she is always so warm and snugly as she stretches, PUG GRUNTS and wakes herself up for some yogurt and kibble - that early morning moment is the small thing that I am most grateful for today...after a quick potty the PUG and LAB are back inside and I tuck Tootsie Roll back into the covers as a say our mantras, "Life supports us, we are safe.  Our lives work beautifully together." A pat for Lucille and the kitties and a kiss for the huMAN... And it's off to school with a smile on my face.   

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