Giving Thanks in the Month of November

November 23, 24, & 25, Days of Gratitude: "What tradition, challenge & moment this week are you grateful for?  

Three for one today as Tootsie Roll prepares to hit the Thanksgiving Road!  We know that technology would allow us to PUG BLOG on the go; but we also know how crazy busy we will be with all the holiday festivities so three for one is what you get 🦃!

And actually it all works out because... call it a "kowinkydink... but the answer to all three Days of Gratitude can be answered by with the same word and that word is...


Who isn't grateful for the All American Holiday of Thanksgiving?!  It is who we are as a country and a people so Tootsie Roll and I are most certainly grateful for the Thanksgiving Tradition!

The challenge of Thanksgiving is to not let that December holiday we celebrate start to creep in too early.  Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving's sake is the challenge we are up for and grateful for!

And although the moment we are most grateful for will happen tomorrow we are happy to anticipate it today...Mom with her apron on in the kitchen, face flushed from a little wine and a lot of cookin'.  Family and friends coming in the back door while mom is tryin' to get all the last minute touches finished and tellin' everyone to grab a drink and go into the the living room.  Dad fixin' drinks and corrallin' people in the living room.  And then, "Let's eat!"  Of course Tootsie Roll will be by my feet while I eat my plate of goodness; but as soon as I push it aside she will be on my lap....oh sweet Thanksgiving!  

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