Giving Thanks in the Month of November

November 2, Day of Gratitude:  "What technology are you grateful for?"  I am grateful for digital pet ID tags like the PetHub tags Tootsie Roll and Lucille wear...here is a little snippet from their website:  https://www.pethub.com/

 "With PetHub, you will have peace of mind that your pets will be protected with our digital pet ID tags. If your pet goes missing, anyone with a phone (smart phone or 'old school') can scan their tag, safely & securely view your pet’s profile, and get in contact with you or someone on your trusted list. We even include a human-staffed 24x7 "Found Pet Hotline" free with our Basic service."

Thank goodness we have not had to use the services provided by PetHub, but it is good peace of mind!  

Now, if you are looking for something even more hi-tech and hi-dollar check out this little number:  https://www.linkakc.com/

Yep, technology aside, a sturdy fence and a nice leash and collar can also keep your fur-buddies safe...but we do live in a techno-world so why not embrace it all the way?!  

Tootsie Roll would like to remind you that if you are looking for some fashionable collars and leashes www.tootsuncommon.com and www.tootsuncommon.etsy.com can "hook" you up...did you catch what we did there? Yep, hook you up...you know collar, leash...alright, enough said!  More gratitude tomorrow!  Until then, Tootsie Roll and I are grateful for our wonderful PUG BLOG fans!!

Collares y Leashes

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