Back-to-School Blues, Greens and Reds!

Summer is not over...but those uninterrupted days for me and the pets will be a faded memory as of Monday....Sure, I have some back-to-school blues creeping in and will miss Tootsie Roll, Lucille, Pawncha and Monkey as much as they will me...But it is a perfect opportunity to remind all of our PUG BLOG fans of the TootsUncommon Woofler - available in collegiate colors, perfect for the upcoming fall football season!  Or maybe the You'd Be How Old In Dog Years Infinity Scarf....both items can be created in colors of your choice for both your furry friend and you the human!  

Tootsie Roll, Lucille, Pawncha and Monkey will miss our summer routine, but I will be sure to make up for the missed time I spend at school daily with good walks and play time when school dismisses each day.  If you need a little advice on how to bridge the gap, Tootsie Roll has some links and recommendations below.  Here is to a great school year for all!!

It’s not unusual for dogs — and sometimes cats — to go into a funk when the kids go back to school in the fall or off to college for the first time. They may even mope around when your work schedule changes.  Read more at:  

And as for the dogs left behind? It’s common for pets to exhibit symptoms of separation anxiety as their human companions prepare to leave home and depart, as well as in the case of the sudden absence of a resident family member. Dogs with separation anxiety may become depressed and disruptive when left alone.  Read more at:  

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