Karen's Bark Park

Last Thursday marked the grand opening of Karen's Bark Park in Bremen, IN...my hometown.  Karen is my mom and the bark park was named after her in recognition of her 34 years of service to the town of Bremen as an employee at the Bremen Town Hall.  As my mom is a dedicated animal lover no recognition could ever be more fitting.  

For a small town, the grand opening of Karen's Bark Park had a huge turn-out! Participants could register their dogs, enjoy free ice cream cones and home made sugar cookies, buy TootsUncommon attire, pose for a photo in the "Smooch Your Pooch" booth and register for a day of free pet walking services from a local girl named Emma!   

Bark parkers will also be able to enjoy a comfy bench in honor of my late Aunt Dee Dee - Karen's sister - and donated by her husband Leo...a lovely touch and wonderful addition to the already amazing Bremen City Parks!

The ceremonies commenced with a small pet parade followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. After the dogs had time to romp in the new bark park guests gathered for the raffle drawings and all attendees left with smiles on their faces, tongues hangin' out, dog collar bling and a doggie treat bag!

Tootsie Roll is 100% sure Karen's Bark Park will be a huge success and an asset to the community for many years...but she does want to remind the humans of the rules they need to follow...she suggests reading the following link to be in the know!  Thanks!!

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