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Two humans, two dogs and a new T@B Sofitel and we were off for Versailles State Park, the second largest in Indiana!  Visitors have written about its winding tree lined roads and right they are; it is a beautiful park.  The top of the link mentions that there is a lot of tree cutting going on due to the Ash Bore and we certainly did see that which will change the look of the campgrounds a bit but with 260+ sites there is a lot to choose from!  

When camping you always think there will be time for everything, but the camping lifestyle takes time and so we only got to walk trail #1 and it was a great hike!  Lots of ups and downs and expansive park views from the high ridges!  Our next trip back will be sure to include trails #2 and #3 and a walk across the covered bridge!

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Although Tootsie Roll and Lucille are on flea and tick meds the ticks don't know that...they might jump and them and realize yuck and then jump on the human! So we recommend picking a camping spot that is less "brushy" to avoid the nasty ticks!  Our first site was a little more woodsy and we were on tick alert. After a hard rain Sunday night we moved to higher grounds with less brush and no more ticks!  

We also got an awesome camp rug for Christmas and Lucille and Tootsie Roll loved hanging out in the sun on it!  Top side is flannel like and the back is a thick rubber padding for a little extra bounce on top of the pavement!  And that was another nice thing about each campsite at Versailles - they all had paved areas for the camper and picnic set up so things stayed mud free!  

Good food and camping are a perfect match and we enjoyed some tasty meals on the Big Green Egg and from the campfire dutch oven...even some breakfast donuts!  

This is the first of many camping adventures and we plan to report out on all of them!  Tootsie Roll and Lucille hope you enjoy!

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