Super Bowl L

Nope, no L in the Super Bowl this year...the Roman numerals were ditched and replaced with the digits 50...

Panthers...well, they are cute cats...Broncos...okay, there is Payton Manning....But Cold Play!  What the heck!  Could they not have come up with a better halftime show for 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl?  Needless to say, Tootsie Roll and crew are most interested in seeing this year's Super Bowl L commercials!  We did a little search of "pugs in super bowl commercials" and got the following:

Oh Yea!

But this got Tootsie Roll thinkin'...what if TootsUncommon had a Super Bowl L commercial?!  Well, envision this...Aerosmith, "Walk This Way" plays as the background montage:  
In the foreground you have Tootsie Roll "barking" out orders at a TootsUncommon Sew-A-Thon in which Lucille the Yellow Lab, Monkey Kitty and Pawncha Kitty are sewing up some TootsUncommon Pet Attire and Accessories in Super Bowl L team colors.

Fast forward to the Super Bowl L stadium
Image result for super bowl 50 stadium
(Aerosmith still playin' in the background) and Tootsie Roll, Lucille, Monkey and Pawncha are walking into the stadium for the big game!  Tootsie Roll is sporting an orange and blue Wrapamacallit, Lucille has on a orange and blue Tut the Tank, Monkey Kitty is wearning a blue and silver FireCracker and Pawncha is sportin' a Tut The Turtle with blue, silver, white and black stripes!  

Aerosmith lyrics come in loud and clear with Steven Tyler singin'

"Toots Knew What She Was Doin'
Taught Me How To Dress This Way
She Told Me To 
Dress This Way, Dress This Way"

Yep, now we just need a Doug the Pug budget and connections to get it done!!

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