March Madness

I know it is hard to believe living in the Midwest and all; but Tootsie Roll and I are not basketball fans!  We are however always reminded of when a big college match up game - like IU vs PU - is being played because there are some fans and/or graduates in the family.  This got us thinking about how people pick teams to follow or how they become fans of one team over another.  Which then lead to the thought of how people pick one dog (breed) over another or a dog over a cat or vice versa....Geeze, there are so many choices no matter which topic, sports teams or pets, is being considered!!  My humble experience goes a little like this....

...I love NFL football and have always loved the San Diego Chargers.  As a kid I remember watching games with dad and how I loved the bolts on their uniforms.  I even remember getting a Charger hoodie from JCPenney one year for Christmas!  

My first dog as an adult was a mutt and I got her by chance at an FFA fair while teaching Spanish in Rochester, Indiana.  Dulcinea was a small black dog with a white chest and was my bud for 18 years.  

Tootsie Roll was a choice.  After Dulcinea passed I really considered not having another dog because I did not want to go through the heartbreak of losing one again.  Then thoughts of dogs, specifically pugs for some reason, popped into my head.  I researched them and fell in love.  Since Dulcinea was a black haired dog I just assumed I would get a black pug and had the name Tootsie Roll picked out based on these assumptions.  By chance, the breeder I visited on that day in September some seven years ago only had fawn pugs pups available and the rest is history!  

Cats for me are another story.  I had my first cat when I had Dulcinea.  She came from the Humane Society and got sick early on and....you know the rest. My next cat also came during Dulcinea times and we moved to a big house and I really thought Dulci could use some company so I got Tita.  Since Tita I have always had cats and dogs - they make life complete!

Okay, so what about basketball and my loathing of it?!  Well, I think it relates back to a middle school memory and the fact that my PE teacher failed me on lay-ups after giving me just one try - at least that is my recollection of it! Regardless, that is my story and I am sticking to it!

Not that you could not find this information in a Google search of your own...but here you go!

March Madness Schedule:  http://www.marchmadness2016.org/schedule.html

Dog vs. Cat People:  http://abcnews.go.com/US/dog-people-cat-people-pet-preference/story?id=15883844

Dog Breed Selector:  http://dogtime.com/quiz/dog-breed-selector

Future of Chargers in San Diego:  http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/01/29/chargers-will-play-in-san-diego-in-2016-may-move-to-l-a-in-2017/

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