Accessories with a Pawpose!

Plummeting temperatures in the Midwest means it's time to pull out some fashionable TootsUncommon accessories with a PAWpose!  A walk in cold and windy winter weather is much more comfortable with a Woofler - for dog and hu"MOM" and of course they are matching!

Taking a trip to the grocery and your furry friend wants to come along for the ride?  The "You'd Be How Old In Dog Years" infinity scarf is the PAWfect TootsUncommon accessory...and you guessed it...matching for the hu"MOM" and the furry friend!  Not available at www.tootsuncommon.etsy.com, but you can contact us at traci.tootsuncommon.rodgers@gmail.com to get yours today!  

Love...it's what makes TootsUncommon Uncommonly Unique!

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