It's Just Another....

...Cyber Monday!  And TootsUncommon.com sent its staff out to do some research on this historic "shopping" day!  Here is what the crew found....

According to Monkey Kitty's findings Cyber Monday is outdoing Black Friday in sales...try 3 billion dollars in online sales.  The Black Friday forecast - 2.7 billion in online sales....  This year will see consumers using their mobile phones to make online purchases....but the future prediction sees consumers going back to the more traditional online shopping methods...aka...the computer!  

Lucille's research focused on origins....it is thought that Black Friday got its name from the Philly Police in the 1950s...Crowds would flock the city for the annual Navy/Army football game and stores would take advantage of these visitors and advertise sales galore...it also meant extra work galore for the Philly policemen.  The 1980s gave Black Friday the shopping craze image it has today.  On the other hand, 2005 and the National Retail Federation coined the term "Cyber Monday" when it was realized that all of the shoppers had gone back to work; but were sneaking in peeks at the online shopping deals and opportunities...Lucille figures the day of Black Friday shoppin' just didn't cure their fix!

Pawncha thought it curious that the days of the "door busters" may be going to the wayside...Today's consumers do not like the idea of low-stock items that sell out quick because people are crazy enough to camp outside a box store to get a deal...seriously!  Many stores are now putting these "door buster" items online...It's much easier to camp out on the sofa as you wait for that one special item to hit a rock bottom price! 
And you might have guessed....there is even a fashionista take on Cyber Monday!  The sales for clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, etc...are much greater on Cyber Monday than they are on Black Friday!  Just another reason to shop www.tootsuncommon.com on Cyber Monday...or any day of the week as far as Tootsie Roll is concerned!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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