The Family That Plays Together...

...Stays Together!!  Let's face it...time is precious - for all concerned!



 I know that going to work and running errands, working out, and etc...are important parts of the routine of life.  But so is spending time with family...which for me is my furry family...and that does include the hu"MAN" of the house as he is also quite furry!  Speaking of the hu"MAN", he shared a really cool app with me the other day - Star Wars, from Disney...With the approach of the new film there is all kinds of Star Wars stuff out there...well, more than usual...So, here is what we came up with as "selfies" from the app:

"Obe-Monkey Kenobi"


"Mama-san Solo"

Pawncha Fett

Princess Lepug her Rollal T.
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