Happy Halloween!!

There is nothing better than Halloween done well and done right!  It is one thing to throw a few skeletons and pumpkins onto the porch and anyone can buy a packaged costume and put it on a few minutes before trick or treating or heading to the party...but it is the true Halloween Spirit that inspires one to put a theme to those Halloween yard decorations or to really think through a costume and pull in all kinds of this and that from the closet, basement, and maybe a trip to the local thrift shop!  So in the true spirit of the most fun howliday we bring your two of our favorites...

The 2015 Best Yard In Tootsie Roll's Hood!


And our most visited Halloween Pug Blog Post...This Hip PUG Chic even made an appearance on BuzzFeed!!

"Like the amazing music from the seventies, the pawncho is a timeless addition to any fashionable dog's wardrobe! Why even Lucille, who likes to groove to the Blues, agrees that the L. Pawncho Camarillo makes any chic "Hippy"! Peace out Sisters and Brothers!   Yes, your dog too could have the L Pawncho Camarillo...for Halloween costumery or as a timeless fashion statement!  Here is Tootsie Roll dressed up for Halloween as the Hip"Pug" Chic!"

Hip Pug Chic 10-23-12

Flower Power!


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