Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah!

...there was nothing this hu"MOM" loved better in her high school days than cheerleading!  Cute outfits, great moves, getting the fans fired up!  We knew the game enough to start the right cheer, but weren't interested in getting in the mix of it.  Well, that is what the Cheerleader Canine does!  This pup does not want to get in the thick of the play, but he/she wants to cheer them on from the sidelines with a healthy round of barking!  Sure, the players may get a bit distracted if the barking get too fired up; just like if the cheerleaders at an Indiana basketball game let the crowd get out of control because of a foul call...it just might disrupt the players...but some healthy cheers from the sidelines - in words or barks - support the play on the field.  

Lucille and Tootsie Roll of course cheer for Team TootsUncommon and look full of spirit in their colorful Firecrackers with a Talk Dirty To Me Towel handy to wipe the perspiration from the brow!

The Firecracker from TootsUncommon comes in a wide array of holiday and seasonal colors with sizes to fit little dogs and big ones!  The Talk Dirty To Me Towel also come in lots of colors to match just about any kitchen or backdoor decor!  The chamois in the two handmits wicks the water and dirt away to keep your floors dry and clean!  Looking for special colors in either item?  Contact us at www.tootsuncommon.etsy.com and we can whip something special up...special orders don't upset us!  

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