Pug...I Mean Tug Of War!

Also known as tug o' war, tug war, rope war,Image result for pug of war
rope pulling, or tugging war, tug-of-war is a sport
that directly pits two teams against each other in
a test of strength.

The sport of tug-of-war has a very long history.
Artwork in a 4000-year-old tomb in Sakkara, Egypt
depicts teams of 3 young men pitted against each
other in the ropeless version of tug-of-war.
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And with a base of four paws instead of two feet to stand on...oh and not to mention teeth to pull with...the dogs usually have us humans beat when matched up one to the other in a game o' tug o' war!  It's a great play style in which to play the role of spectator!  Face to face, a little growling and a lot of shakin' the heads back and forth!  Tuggers...Not Druggers!  
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Tootsie Roll is Sportin' the You'd Be Hold Old In Dog Years Infinity Scarf

Lucille Looks Lovely in the Woofler accessoried by the Tug a Pug toy

Both scarves can be combined with a matching one for the human and all are tough enough to TUG!!!

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