Nacho Libre?

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Today's play style and fashion is a two - in - one!  Body Slammers and Wrestlers!  Both types of play are hard and have major contact and those sideline Cheerleaders often help to keep these players in check!  Body Slammers get running at full speed and then crash into their playmate; while the wrestlers are all about teeth gnashing and rolling all around!  Pretty much a compilation of all the different types of wrestling sport out there!  Now as Tootsie Roll and Lucille are sporting some fashionable Body Slammer and Wrestler outfits we can certainly assume their wrestling style preference is none other than the "Lucha Libre"!

To help sweat off some extra pounds Tootsie Roll is wearing the Tut The Turtle made of a repurposed knit sweater; while Lucille is sporting the Lil' Pug Playin' Hood from a repurposed hoodie!  The black Talk Dirty To Me Towel is a nice contrast to the Lucha Libre Red!  

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