Everybody Run...

...the Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun!

Today's Canine Play Group...The Chasers...AKA...The dogs who rip and tear with non-stop fury.  Ear flaps back and teeth bared due to sheer speed!  Just like cross country runners in top shape, sprinters in perfect form...chasers look pretty darn graceful!  And that's why a Tut the Tank is the perfect complement to any good chase!  And introducing the soon to be available Walkabout...a water proof bag for carrying dog food and a water bottle and a collapsible water bowel to quench the chasers thirst after a good one!  Oh...and if the human can't keep up with the chase then TootsUncommon of course recommends our Collares and Leashes line with the Urban Grip!  Don't you just love the flames Tootsie Roll and Lucille are sportin' on theirs?!

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