Of all things PUG!  Oh, I've got them....But last night Tootsie Roll and I were coloring and used one of our PUG books as a coloring surface.  Well, that lead to looking through that book and then through the many others in our collection!

And yes...you know where this is going!  Tootsie Roll's too cute pug mug has to be on the cover of a coffee table book...that is all there is to it!  This won't be a "complicated" book; but it will document Tootsie Roll's life...which means the book's publication is several years off...But we plan to call it, "Tootsie Roll...A Life's Journey to PUGdom Bliss."  And in it there will be a picture from each year of Tootsie's life along with a quote to inspire us all to live a life full of PUGGY Bliss!  Okay!  So now to get looking for the first seven years of pictures and to ponder Tootsie Roll's quotes to go with them!  Oh, and if you want information on any of the books in Tootsie's collection post us a comment!  Thanks!

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