Tails From The TootsieSide!

Pawncha and Monkey Kitties...you better sit down...this tail is going to take awhile....So, you remember a few days ago when those humans kept hauling stuff up from down there where you two go play in your sandbox?  Well... all that time we've been gone they have been hauling that stuff from the four legged thing they call a truck to the outdoors and back into the four legged thing!  Then, they would put this thing up with sticks and these other things that make a "zzziiippp" noise but would just leave it sit there empty all day until it was time for bed...and it was full of blankies and pillowtops...those poor things probably felt way lonely!  Thank goodness they did bring food along....Lucille and I just weren't sure they had remembered it with all that other stuff jammed into the four legged thing!

And the hu"MOM"...well she would go away and come back smelling all clean but thank goodness for that stuff she would then spray all over herself to keep the bugs away...you know I prefer stinky to clean!  Oh, and get this...the humans peed outside just like me and Lucille!  Now that was something!  But of course...no sooner would Lucille and I get comfy and those humans would start hauling everything back up into the four legged thing!

And, if that four legged thing had not let us bring along our comfy beds...well, I am not sure what we would have done, I'll tell you that much!  Now, here is what that Lucille just could not understand....Those humans took us to all this water and they would just stand there and look at it and point....Lucille was sure they had gone crazy not letting her go for a swim!

Lake Ontario

Niagara Falls

St. Lawrence Seaway

I am not sure you two kitties would ever want to go on one of these...I think they called it a camping adventure... because I am pretty sure there would be no room for your sandbox!  Hey, it looks like you kept the sunspot good and ready for us!  Thanks, Pawncha Kitty!  And, Monkey!  Have you heard one bit of my tail?  You are such a cat!

The End!

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