Resting on a blanket....

 Tootsie Roll:...don't mind if I...

 Hu"MOM":No, Tootsie Roll...I said Resting Blanket...as in the ones TootsUncommon.com makes for Chef JJ!   Tootsie Roll:And can I take a nap on it?   Hu"MOM":No, but you can let the hu"MAN" cook up some yummy food on the Big Green Egg, let it rest under the, yep you guessed it, Resting Blanket, and then dig in!   Tootsie Roll:Okay...so where's the grub, I assume it has rested enough for me to eat it!

 Hu"MOM":Not right now, Tootsie Roll!  But, did you know that Chef JJ opened a new location downtown?   Tootsie Roll:Are we goin' right now to get something good to eat?  Hu"MOM":Oh, Tootsie Roll....fashion and food....is that all you think of?!

 Hu"MOM":How about the great collaboration and networking between TootsUncommon.com and Chef JJ's?  You know Tootsie Roll...that's what it's all about!   Tootsie Roll:Okay, I hear ya, hu"MOM"...do you think we could go for a walk or get something to eat now?!  

 Hu"MOM":Oh, alright!  Let's see if the hu"MAN" will grill us up something! What'cha in the mood for?   Tootsie Roll:How about a bone-in rib eye and one for Lucille too!  

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