Pugs & Kisses!

Hmm...I guess the box will work!  We leave for Canada when??!!

Mmmm....Monkey....We hate to tell you this but you will have to hold down the fort while we are in Canada...As the saying goes, at least a la Tootsie Roll, "While the dogs are away, the cats will play!"  

And have we been doing some road trip preparations!  Today a big box from Amazon arrived!  And according to Monkey the box was the delivery all by itself! But Tootsie Roll and Lucille are thrilled with the contents...

-A travel bed from ChuckIt!
-A large microfiber towel from Bone Dry!
-A pet/human emergency kit from Alcott!
-A pet travel/carry all bag from SolveIt!

We got all of these great suggestions from a great website and Pinterest link titled, "You did what with your weiner?"

We are going to try out some dehydrated food to save some packing space..."Lucille's food bag would take up the whole back of the truck...where would I put my case full of PUGtastic TootsUncommon outfits?", says Tootsie Roll!  We got the recommendation from our friends at Go Pet Friendly:

And from Go Pet Friendly's list of Must Haves...

...we have order some premium pet tags!

Pugs and Kisses from Tootsie Roll for all the travel tips from Go Pet Friendly and the crew at You did what with your weiner?

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  1. I'm so glad you found our posts helpful, Tootsie Roll, and I hope you have a terrific trip. Waggin' trails!