I'm Callin' the Fashion Police!

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Hmm...Not quite the look I would pick....

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Agreed!  Any fashionista knows that a goofy hat and a baggy dress...well...exactly....just don't set you up for fashion success!

Tootsie Roll was scrolling through my pics from this week and saw the one of me in a graduation cap and gown...

Tootsie Roll:  "Seriously, why didn't you ask me about this before putting it on...I would have called the Fashion Police!"

HU"MOM":  "Toots, it isn't always what you want, it is sometimes about tradition."

Tootsie Roll: "And just what frumpy tradition is that?"

HU"MOM:  "Oh, Toots!  Actually, it's one that dates back to the 12th century when many of the first universities were being established in Europe."

Tootsie Roll:  "Like I said, frumpy!"

HU"MOM:  "Patience young PUGhopper!  You know way back then most scholarly types did not have a fancy campus on which to teach so they held their lectures in churches."

Tootsie Roll:  "Yes, and what does this have to do with the potato sack robe you wore the other day?"

HU"MOM:  "I am getting to that...So, back to the 12th century...The clothing the scholarly types wore was a practicality....The robe or gown kept them warm in the drafty medieval church buildings while lecturing and the cap kept the nasty weather off them when they ventured home..."

Tootsie Roll:  "Okay, kind of like the TootsUncommon Wrapamacallit or MAC Raincoat...now I am interested...but again what does this have to do with the high school graduation thing?"

HU"MOM:  "Well, folks from Oxford and Cambridge declared this garb to be that of an academic and required that graduate were it as standard dress...The cap, or mortarboard   - used by bricklayers to hold their mortar - became a standard by the 15th century.  Another practicality of the attire related to warm weather...the large gown would allow the wind the billow through and serve as a built-in air conditioner.

Tootsie Roll:  "Kind of like a dog's tongue!"

HU"MOM:  "Sure, and just like your tongues have no chance of a rest this summer, a cap and gown representing academic accomplishment have no sign of changing to something you would not call the fashion police on anytime soon!"  

Congrats to all 2015 Graduates!  

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