Who Says Pugs Don't Like Water?!

Who me?  I love a good swim...but you won't catch me going over Niagara Falls in a barrel...even if I have this gorgeous life jacket on!

Yes!  A part of our summer adventure will include Niagara Falls...oh yes, we will get back to yesterday's blog tomorrow or the next day!  We were just too excited to see just how "dog" friendly the falls are!  It appears that all of the trails love the four legged kind!  Yeah!  Love to walk...it helps keep my figure a la fashionista!  We are also lovin' "Go Pet Friendly"  here is a link to their Niagara Falls trips with the chien!  Look at me, I am speaking French!

A winery that is pet friendly...for the hu"MAN" and hu"MOM"...of course!

And a pizzeria that like the furry buds too!  Looks like we have all the bases covered for our trip to the falls!  
Papa Leo's

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