Take Off Eh, Ya Hoser!

Tootsie Roll is so excited her big, bulging pug eyes are about to pop out!  She will be traveling to the Great White North this June for a week of family vacation.  Yep! Tootsie Roll, Lucille the Yellow Lab, the hu'MOM" and the hu"MAN" are going to hit the road, Jack...but we will be comin' back!  I mean really, the kitties have to stay at home and hold down the fort!  So while Tootsie Roll is already busy thinking about what to pack and wear the hu"MOM" is researching just what it takes to cross the border into Canada and then back into the USofA with a couple of dogs.  Here are some links we would like all of our pug blog fans to explore and we will report back on some specifics tomorrow...Of greatest concern on what we have read in these links so far is whether you can bring dog food across the border or not...We have read conflicting reports ...And Tootsie Roll has her fashionista figure to maintain and a strict diet and food in which to do so!  OH NO!  The dilemmas we will face as we venture to the Great White North!

Canada, EH?  I hear those Canadian Dogs got some French style....Just wait till they see TootsUncommon!  They won't know what hit 'em!  

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