Manipura or the Solar Plexus Chakara

solar plexus chakra
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The Solar Plexus Chakra, located between the navel and solar plexus, is your power centre - your Core Self. While the Sacral chakra seeks pleasure and enjoyment, the third chakra is all about who you are.
The gift of this chakra is sensing your personal power, being confident, responsible, and reliable. The third chakra is the centre of your self-esteem, your willpower, self-discipline, as well as warmth in your personality.
The energy of this chakra allows you to transform inertia into action and movement. It allows you to meet challenges and mover forward in your life.
The message of the third chakra is: You have the power to choose. Your can choose to achieve your life purpose or you can live out your karma or past experiences.
What do you choose? Do you choose love, light and healing? Do you accept that you have the power to choose? Do you feel a sense of freedom when you make a choice?
The third chakra is the centre of your self-esteem. Every time you judge or criticize yourself, you deplete this chakra and weaken your willpower. Self love, self acceptance, and acknowledgement of your own worth are the building blocks of the third chakra.
Any of Deepak Chopra's "Seven Spiritual Laws" would serve the purpose enhancing Manipura.  So, I will share with you the gist behind Wednesday's Spiritual Law...The Law of Least Effort, "Accept people, situations, and events as they occur.  Take responsibility for your situation and for all events seen as problems.  Relinquish the need to defend your point of view." 
Our animals can sense our emotions which in turn effect their behavior.  Choosing self love and acceptance over their opposites will positively effect your pets!  Now that is worth some thought!


Bow Pose, Dhanurasana

bow pose to awaken solar plexus chakra
Use the bow pose and further open up and balance your solar plexus chakra.
  1. Lie flat on your stomach with your chin on the floor and your arms by your side.
  2. Bend your right leg and take a hold of your ankle with your right hand.
  3. Bend your left leg and take a hold of your ankle with your left hand.
  4. Gently stretch your legs towards your buttocks.
  5. As you inhale, raise your upper body and your thighs.
  6. Keep your gaze straight ahead and keep lifting your upper body and your thighs.
  7. Breathe. You should not hold your breath. Your breath needs to flow.
  8. Release the position.

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