Which Came First....

...the chicken or the egg?  The Philosophy of Science or that of Religion?  The llama, alpaca, vicuña or guanaco?  There are scientific and religious explanations to both questions...

"One of the central questions in the Philosophy of Science is distinguishing science from non-science, although many regard the problem as unsolvable or moot. Historically, the main point of contention was between science and religion" 


From Tootsie Roll's perspective the chicken or the egg question is a tough nut to crack and she is going to leave that one to the Philosophers of Religion.  

On the other hand, observation and experimentation...science...do offer some answers to the Llama vs. Alpaca vs. Vicuña vs. Guanaco question!  

The llama and alpaca are domesticated; while the vicuña and guanaco are wild animals.  The llama and guanaco are more closely related; while the alpaca and vicuña share that same connection.  Llamas are used as pack animals and the alpaca for its soft fur.  The vicuña fur is even finer than that of the alpaca; but as it is an endangered species it is also protected.  If the guanaco were to be domesticated, it would share the role of pack animal along side the llama.  Llamas and guanacos are larger than the alpaca and vicuña.

So, if you see a fluffy, small, camel - like thing...maybe even dressed up a bit, and around people... it is an alpaca.  

If it is a camel- like thing carrying supplies... it is a llama.

If you are in Patagonia and see a camel- like thing in the distance, it's probably a guanaco.

Finally, if you are in the wilds of Peru or Bolivia you will hopefully be lucky enough to spot a vicuña.



And now for our inspiration for this Pug Blog Post!  A buddy traveled to Patagonia and brought us back a llama...or is it an alpaca???  Well, Tootsie Roll and I just had to know since this cute little thing will be gracing the presence of the many pug decorations around our humble abode!  And now we know!  It is an ALPACA....or as Tootsie would call it...an ALPUGA!

Pug being spit on by an alpaca: 

An Alpaca Pug Farm right here in Indiana: 

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