Throw Back Thursday!

No worries!  Tootsie Roll and I are still working on our checklist of ideas to get our dog picture book going....Maybe that is why we have not posted on the good ole' PUG BLOG in awhile!  

So, today the hu"mom" was getting a haircut and the owner of the salon was talking to one of her employees about what picture they would post for Throw Back Thursday!  Well, of course that got me thinking!  

Not sure why, but rawhide bones came to mind.  Back in the "good ole' days" rawhide bones were the chew of choice...at least by the humans purchasing them!  Nowadays...well, you can get deer antlers, bull horns and other bull body parts we won't mention on the PUG BLOG, chunky real meat bones....much healthier choices.  I know I stopped giving our buds the rawhide a long time ago because the gummy, slimy things would be all wadded up in their mouths and a huge blockage in their throat or gut if that was swallowed was too much for me to consider!  

Here is just one of the many things I found on rawhide bones via Google...I did not confirm the information stated in the "Ugly" portion of the link...so believe what you will!

Enjoy our bonantics!

"No, Ida...I would not recommend chewing the pill bottle or it's contents!"

"Excuse me!  You're not a dog....and that's not a bone!"

"You say I'm chewin' on a WHAT?!"

"Leash, get into my teeth!"

"No BONES!  Alright, your finger will do just fine!"

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