Happy Valentine's Day!

In preparing to write a Pug Blog Post for VDAY Tootsie Roll and I typed in the search phrase of "how we love our pets" and Google provided us with this most interesting link:  http://weloveourpets.org/

What an amazing idea!  People and pets having their pic taken by a photographer, the fee paid for the pic goes to the Oregon Humane Society and you and your pet get a copy of the book!

The photographer, Charles Waugh, also did a book titled, "Pets of Portland" as a fundraiser for DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital:  

Tootsie Roll and I are inspired....We want to start up something similar in our neck of the woods!  Where do we start....here is our to do list....if you have any information for us, or can connect us to someone who might be able to help us get this off the ground; well you know where to reach us!

1.  confirm that something like this has not happened either in Indianapolis and/or Indiana

2.  compile a list of and then contact area Humane Society and other pet rescue groups, organizations, pet hospitals, etc... to see if they are interested

3.  explore amazing photographers in our area and see if they have done similar projects...then get in contact with them

4.  consider local small pet businesses as sponsors for advertising benefits

5.  get in touch with some folks in Oregon (Portland) to see if the We Love Our Pets book is available yet....I could not find that information on Google....

Okay...that is enough for now....we will keep all of our Pug Blog Fans posted on our progress!  Just making the list has Tootsie Roll pooped out!  She is sleeping on the desk cat bed snoring while I blog!  Speaking of Tootsie Roll and the cat bed....

It's a dog eat dog world...

and I'm sleepin' in a cat bed!

A take on the ever-favorite...."It's a dog eat dog world and I am wearing Milkbone underwear!"
This and more "Normisms" at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPqPAKqzx7M

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